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How to try new things.


Starting new things here on the site. It’s odd but I am excited, scared and hopeful at the same time. I seem to start things a lot in my life, mostly because I gain new insights and learn new things.

It has been the staple in all my endeavours, which brought me to this point.

The site wil feature various examples of work where I try new things, tell a narrative or research fascinating things about the human experience.

From cgi compositions, to books and essays, to photography and more, I’ll try to use my creativity in a new and unexplored way.

Yes: Starting new things is always exciting, scary maybe even dangerous. But I noticed that these are the choices that bring fulfilment and explores new avenues of yourself. The only thing that you should always take in to account I noticed while you are making these choices is “Who are you doing it for?” If the answer is not you, then my suggestion would be is to reassess this “new thing” you want to try.

Enjoy the site! I will be posting in this blog a lot to keep everyone up to date! And let me know if this post got you thinking about all the new things in your life.


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