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Work in Progress




Art Direction
Motion Design


Jan 2017

Work In Progress (2017) is a 19 second and 4 frames motion ident that focuses on the relationship between experiences and identity. 

A small narrative about growth, The “Work in Progress” ident showcases that experiences and identity have a very organic relationship with each other. An endless pattern of experiences work as building blocks for the shape and growth of an identity. I decided to create an ident (brand stingers for media corporations and/or brands usually) where I used my own identity and subjective perspective of that to create a narrative. 

A technical exploration of dynamics, lighting, shading and multipass compositing, the ident gave me a lot of room to try some new techniques, while trying to create an abstractly told narrative. A friend of mine, Hernan Ambrogi
(Buenos Aires, AHRE studio) was just as excited as I was about the project and created a beautiful sounddesign for it that really brings out the small details in the project.


“An endless pattern of experiences, work as building blocks for the shape and growth of a identity.”

Seeing the projects iterative process, from previz to final render,  I noticed that the challenging aspect of the scene quickly transformed to an almost organic one. Like the ident showcases clearly: the amount of experiences you have the privilege to undergo, positive as negative, decide how you interact with the next experience. Being aware of this brings a sense of marvel to the idea.  


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