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Patience and Consistency I

Creating Statements and Goals.

Capturing the moment between the intensity of insight and new ambitions in a typographic manner.

Sometimes new insights can change the way you look at things. It is something that we as people don’t necessarily take into account as a key moment in deciding what your path could or can be. For myself certain insights in my life I value more then others, and they create new ambitions or explorations for your own. Mostly shedding light on aspects of yourself that you haven’t even considered.

Intensity of Insight.

This project pretty much started like that. I wanted to try and capture the intensity of the moment of insight while iterating the new ambitions that spawned from that simultaneously. Decided to change up some techniques when I moved forward to the creation process as well. Normally I push myself and my knowledge a lot when I create something. But this project I decided to keep it as organic as possible. Simple typography, composition and symbolism took centre stage, with the output being analogue: A poster. 

New Ambitions.

The juxtaposition between the insight and the ambition couldn’t have been more extreme in this case. Where as the insight came intensely, the goals it spawned “Patience” and “Consistency”  couldn’t have been a bigger paradox. Encapsulated that confusion with the use of japanese calligraphy, which I am a huge fan of.  Been an enormous fan of  Japanese work throughout the years and the bold lettering in certain title and/or design compositions evoke a lot of well.. intensity.  The culture of Japan, also influenced greatly on the decision to use Kanji.

Creating the new perspective. 

From here on in, creation was a lot of fun: I wanted to give the letters even more weight and heaviness so an added scratch overlay really solidified the look.  Added more detail by using drums and origami shapes in a symbolic way to add some more context to the work for myself. With the drums being my “natural” state and the origami shape the aspect I haven’t emphasized fully.  Seeing the print after the composition was finished was a nice moment, but also iterated how much you can do with a true calm mind.  What insights have changed your perspective? 

Patience And Consistency I
Orville Yssel 2019


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