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Expectations, Reality
Everything in between

The trade-off was not something I expected.

Fragmented (2017) is a piece I made awhile ago. Expectations and reality have a strange relationship with each other. It is something I myself struggle a lot with. A harsh critic, sometimes pushing myself to such an extent that I forget myself. This oddly happens a lot when I make creative work or push towards an achievement, goal and so on.

I struggle with this on a daily basis. Adjacent to a “Catch-22” kind of feeling sometimes. Not creating means an odd restlessness that is hard to explain. Creating feels great but the doubt and self reflection it induces is a tough feeling during the process.

Just lately after working in the creative industry for 20 plus years, I’ve decided that I want to bring my own explorations and ideas to the forefront. The trade-off was not something I expected. To be a little bit more emphatic towards one’s own visions is an enormous liberating feeling that I haven’t taken into account. It shattered a lot of core principles that Fragmented showcases.

Technically this was a nice one to create: used photogrammetry data to create the mesh and explored from there. Love the fact that the piece works in so many variations in terms of color space. Even thought of creating multiple ones highlighting certain aspects. Decided for one.

Orville Yssel 2019


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